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Stowe AustraliaThis category is for organisations that have 200+ employees. If you have under 50 employees please select category 2A. For organisations with 50 – 200 please select category 2B.

This category requires you to describe an innovative solution to an identified WHS/OHS risk. It can be a newly identified risk (due to a change in work activities etc.) or it can be a risk previously identified with a new solution that has been implemented.

Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their solution is innovative, proven to work in an organisation (showing evidence eg testimonials, photos, reports), has demonstrated a return on investment (ROI), and significantly eliminates a workplace risk.

For example:

Our operators frequently work at heights from cherry pickers installing equipment with many small components. To reduce the risk of objects falling from cherry pickers, and causing harm to others in the same area, our operators designed a new pan to catch any falling objects. The pan and attachment points were designed in consultation with the cherry picker manufacturers and a plant engineer to ensure that the pan complied with the manufacturer’s specifications and attached safely and securely to the cherry picker without risk to either our operators or others in the work area. Since the pans were fitted to the work platforms on the cherry pickers our operators report a consistent reduction in the risk of falling objects as well as a reduction in work time needed to complete installation tasks.


Question 1
Describe the WHS/OHS risk.

Question 2
What was the innovative solution/change that you implemented?

Question 3
How did you implement the solution?

Question 4
What barriers/problems were encountered during implementation of the solution/change?

Question 5
What was the timeframe involved?

Question 6
What was the effect of the solution?