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GIO Workers CompensationThis category is for organisations that have more than 200 employees. If your organisation has less 200 employees please select category 8A.

This category requires you to describe Return to Work System Initiative(s) you have introduced and the effect it has had on your staff and business. Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their initiative(s) has led to sustainable Return to Work for injured workers as well as improved return to work rates. Finalists of this category must also demonstrate that the improvement is part of an ongoing process.

Examples of improvements could include, new ways of integrating with other organisational systems and incorporating change management, stakeholder engagement, national and international best practice return to work approaches, managing return to work barriers, and upgrading work task and compliance systems.


Question 1
Why did you need to improve your Return & Recovery at Work System?

Question 2
How did you improve your Return & Recovery at Work System?

Question 3
What barriers were encountered during the process?

Question 4
What was the timeframe involved?

Question 5
What was the effect of the initiative?