Category 1: Best Continuous Improvement of a WHS Management System

This category requires you to describe an improvement you have made to your WHS/OHS management system and the effect it has had on your staff and business. Finalists of this category must demonstrate that the improvement is part of an on-going process. Examples of improvements could include new ways of integrating with other organisational systems and incorporating change management, managing new and emerging risks and upgrading compliance systems.

For example: Our organisation manufactures and maintains plant. We wanted to increase the number of hazard notifications. Through consultative arrangements with our workers in the maintenance department, we identified that our hazard notification system was failing to capture and respond to a number of significant hazards. Representatives from the maintenance department consulted with others in the organisation to develop a new template for identifying hazards and had it approved by the health and safety committee. After one week, hazard notifications had increased by 25%, and after one month they had increased by 50%. The hazards are prioritised and the associated risks are controlled accordingly.


  • Question 1: Why did you need to improve your WHS/OHS Management System?
  • Question 2: How did you improve your WHS/OHS Management System?
  • Question 3: What barriers were encountered during the processes?
  • Question 4: What was the timeframe involved?
  • Question 5: What was the effect of the improvement?