Category 3: Best WHS Training Program

This category requires you to describe an innovative WHS/OHS training program that has been implemented in your organisation. The training program can be one-off or ongoing.

Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their training program has led to sustainable improvement in workplace behaviour/performance/processes.

For example: Our administration staff identified manual handling and ergonomic risks, exacerbated by the sedentary nature of the administrative roles. We implemented monthly practical ergonomic training sessions to increase staff knowledge and awareness of methods to reduce the potential impact of long term sedentary work activities and foster healthier work practices. In the first 6 months after roll-out of the monthly training sessions, unplanned absenteeism among our administrative staff had decreased by 67%, reporting of near misses had increased by 22% and our administrative staff proactively initiated a lunchtime health program.


  • Question 1: Describe the purpose for the training program.
  • Question 2: Describe the process for developing and delivering the training program.
  • Question 3: Did you have to overcome constraints/barrier to develop and deliver the program? How were they addressed?
  • Question 4: Describe the effect of the training program.