Category 5: Ian Chisholm Award for the Best Individual WHS Achievement

This category recognises the outstanding contribution of an individual (with or without formal WHS/OHS responsibilities). To be nominated the individual must have played a significant role in a recent WHS/OHS initiative and gone above and beyond their normal duties, which has resulted in a sustainable improvement within an organisation (or area they work or volunteer).

An example of a worthy winner would be a person who identified an opportunity to improve workplace practices and engaged with other employees to design/develop a change or improvement. The employee then takes the lead in promoting and gaining the support for the changes and then continues to promote the change through all levels of consultation and management to gain support. They should display motivation and passion for improving their own and their colleague’s safety and their ideas and contributions have on-going effects on the safety environment.

PLEASE NOTE: Self nominations are not eligible. Individuals must be nominated by their peers, work colleagues, managers and/or organisation.

For example: As the newly elected HSR for his workgroup, John’s first project was to increase awareness of the risks on site to reduce incidents of near misses and minor injuries. John consistently demonstrated his commitment and passion for WHS during consultation with his workgroup to identify and prioritise the leading causes of incidents. John researched the workgroup’s incident history and investigation reports, and then gained funding approval to develop and implement a ‘Safe Mates’ awareness campaign. John’s ongoing consultation with his workgroup led to both increased awareness of risks and increased commitment within the workgroup to maintain the appropriate control methods to keep their ‘Mates Safe’ at work. Six months after the awareness campaign launched incidents decreased steadily and hazard reporting of near misses increased by 55%. John will lead the roll-out of the ‘Safe Mates’ awareness campaign across the whole organisation.


  • Question 1: Describe the situation/work task/activity/behaviour of the workplace prior to the nominee’s contribution.
  • Question 2: Describe the contribution the nominee has made.
  • Question 3: Did the nominee require management approval for the contribution? If yes, describe the process for gaining the approval.
  • Question 4: What barriers were encountered during implementation of the solution/change?
  • Question 5: What was the timeframe involved?
  • Question 6: Describe the effect that the nominee has had on the work activities/tasks/behaviours.
  • Question 7: Explain how the nominee has gone above and beyond their normal duties. Compare and contrast the nominee’s achievement with their position description.