Category 6: Best Safety Leadership Program/Initiative

This award recognises the decisions and actions of directors, CEOs and/or executive managers to make safety a business priority.

This category requires you to describe how your directors, CEO and/or executive managers have made safety a business priority and the impact it is having on the organisation.

Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their organisation’s program/initiative, is on an equal footing with other business priorities, is integrating safety with other parts of the business and eliminated or significantly reduced psychosocial as well as physical workplace risks.

For example: Our goal was to ensure that our remuneration system supported work health and safety. A review of our bonus system had found that while it was helping to achieve sales targets, the sustainability of our sales was questionable. Health and safety was one of the areas affected. In response, our CEO sought advice on how to ensure safety was taken more seriously. He successfully consulted all levels of the company and championed for change. This was courageous because it meant changing the way business had been done for many years. As a result, risk identification, assessment and control were integrated into the bonus system. The emphasis moved away from achieving arbitrary deadlines, and lost-time injury and monetary targets. Consequently, a number of psychosocial and physical risks were identified and controlled. The focus shifted to delivering high-quality work within reasonable time frames, which ultimately delivered more sustainable sales.


  • Question 1: Why did you need to implement the program/initiative?
  • Question 2: What was the program/initiative that your organisation implemented?
  • Question 3: How did your organisation implement the program/initiative?
  • Question 4: What barriers were encountered during implementation of the solution/change?
  • Question 5: What was the timeframe involved?
  • Question 6: What was the effect of the program/initiative?