Category 7: Best Health & Wellbeing Program

This category requires you to describe an innovative health and wellbeing program that has resulted in improvements within your organisation. The program can be a one-off event or an ongoing program.

Programs include, for example, reducing ‘presenteeism’, tackling bullying and harassment and improving physical health.

Finalists of this category must demonstrate that their health and wellbeing program has had a positive effect on the participants and/or the workplace through changes in workplace behaviour/performance/processes.

For example: Our goal was to reduce the risk of mental health problems in department xyz. In response to complaints of stress, increased absenteeism and poor quality reporting, we surveyed the department’s staff and other stakeholders, we observed the workflow in and out of the department, and we sampled the quality of the reports it produced. We found that a recent change in the external business environment had resulted in other departments placing unsustainable demands on department xyz. In response, we consulted with the relevant staff and other stakeholders and developed a plan to improve workflow, procedures, access to additional staff and intra and inter departmental communication and negotiation skills. We also set up a company-wide system to better recognise external changes and their impact on the organisation. Within one month, staff reported feeling less stress, absenteeism had reduced to below benchmarks and reporting had improved.


  • Question 1: Why did you need to improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce?
  • Question 2: How did you improve health and wellbeing?
  • Question 3: What barriers were encountered during implementation of the solution/change?
  • Question 4: What was the timeframe involved?
  • Question 5: What was the effect of the health and wellbeing program?